Friday, February 18, 2011

Thin vs. Thick

I have been trying to make things as thin as I could for some long I forgot how nice thicker glass was. I have had a couple orders as of late for very heavy adult beverage holders. IE> They don't want to worry about them breaking under the pressure of a night of drinking.

Challenge Accepted!

Need to make them just thick enough to take some damage but not so thick that casual drinking on a Friday night will leave them in pieces.

Pics later.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The hobby that made me work.

Strong Street Studio has some brand spanking new equipment.

The old annealer that I was using to cool my work down just was not big enough to support my efforts. Also with Ryan (my brother), moving back into town and being a glass blower as well I needed to get more space.

After a long lead time it is at the shop and ready to be wired up. Once I get it all online I will post of picture of the new set up. This should double my space and allow me to create some much larger work.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Strong Street Studio - Pensacola Florida - Glassblowing

Welcome to the Strong Street Studio blog.

Today is the day that we here at Strong Street Studio are moving from New2glass over here.


Good question.

Strong Street Studio has moved out of a place that was for me to blow glass whenever and however I wanted into a fully functioning business. New problems. New hiccups. New equipment. New everything. We have shows to do, product to make, and issues...oh do we have issues.

Anyway, I figured I was a little more than just a newbie at this point and that is was time to step out of my self made cocoon of silence. So I am not sure where this will go but if nothing else it will keep a running log of my stab at running a small business around something I love to do. Wish me luck.